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  1. Katherine
    August 21, 2020 @ 8:14 pm

    So, I am not sure you are aware that Asheville has a bit of a bear problem. Animal control used to come and get them and take them out to the woodlands when they showed up in town. Now, the say there is no place to take them. So it dawns on me we need a sanctuary somewhere. And I thought why not get all the breweries in Western North Carolina to donate one cent on each beer to create a bear habitat, maybe we could get some land out toward Tennessee, lands cheaper there. We could call it Beer Bear city, put cameras everywhere and folks could pop in quarters or something to watch the bears in local bars, future funding, you see. It would be great publicity, and a good thing to do in general? Just a thought? I am not an organizer or anything, I just hate seeing these bears running around in town, I’d like to see them where they should be, THANKS


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