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  1. John Wade
    January 18, 2013 @ 3:43 pm

    OK, now you’ve really gone and done it! I recently was discussing several of your specialty releases with someone, and he said, “Oh yeah, they’re brewed up near Solvang.”
    “Ah, you mean Buellton. That’s not the brewery, it’s the Taproom, with tasting, and a restaurant, but the actual brewery is in Paso Robles.”
    “Oh, I thought they started brewing there in Buellton?”
    “No, and in fact, they just expanded the the brewery and tasting room in Paso, so they’re doing even more now.”
    I guess the next time I see him, I need to apologize to someone I though was less knowledgeable about your operations, for my own lack of knowledge about Firestone Walker.
    Simply being a fan, and having four complete sets of your Anniversary series, does not make that fan as smart as he thinks he is, does it?
    I suppose it would improve my learning curve if we lived in Buellton or Paso, instead of Newbury Park. At least I get to try just about all things Firestone Walker at Draughts in Thousand Oaks.
    Keep up the great brewing, but please quit embarrassing me.


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