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  1. Jackie Skudlarski
    March 17, 2019 @ 8:07 pm

    Is this out in any stores yet? Can you buy 6 pks at the brewery? I was at the brewery November 2018 and had some, it was sooo good! It was served in the cutest glass, I bought several of them for gifts and have been waiting the Beer Rose’ to be canned and sold. So is it out yet?


    • GT Wharton
      March 17, 2019 @ 9:08 pm

      Yes, it is out on store shelves as of this past weekend.


  2. Dwight
    March 5, 2019 @ 4:21 pm

    Nice, thoughtful essay on FW and Rosalie. Appreciate all the work you guys do with Full Pint! More so now that BA and AAB are kaput. Keep up the good work.


  3. Vincent
    January 22, 2019 @ 2:41 pm

    Definitely going to have to try this! My girlfriend is a HUGE rose fan, I tend to enjoy them as well. We are both Firestone fans as well, so sounds like a great mix! The brewery is not too far from us, I highly recommend a visit, they make some amazing sours.


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