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  1. Heather Chapman
    December 23, 2009 @ 6:41 am

    Well, my husband and I tasted Big Boss’s Coffee Stout at 1750 Ordinary in Cary, for the first time, and also found it yesterday at Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom . . . and I am in agony because it looks like I cannot get any to take home with me!!! I truly believe this should not be just Seasonal . . . or if it has to be, then stretch the Season out a bit and make more. 🙂

    Being parents, we have to get a babysitter if we want to go get more of this beer; so, alas, my access to it is severely limited. I am just hoping all the tap rooms in the area do not run out by the next time I can line up childcare and get out to enjoy a beer!

    Curses on you guys for destroying my blissful ignorance about how very, very incredible a coffee stout can be!



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