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  1. J. Christie
    August 4, 2017 @ 8:28 am

    Personally, I view this news about Anchor Brewing and its “market conditions” statement as nothing more than ANOTHER company preparing to leave California due to the underlying interference in private enterprise by government incompetents masquerading as “experts”…. who really know nothing at all other than how to pretend to be wise.

    It reminds me of how a local Bay Area propane gas company was ordered to do this or that by the local jurisdiction, its response was that it couldn’t afford to do this or that and it would close down and move if forced to. The lame bureaucrats answer was literally “move if you want.” They did. Somewhere near a 100 local jobs were gone. But, of course, the government boys all kept THEIR jobs and THEIR benefits.

    Those “market conditions” spoken of by Anchor Brewing were really, and we all know it, problems created by the government boys ….


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