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The Full Pint is proud to present a little cartoon humor in the form of Trouble Brewing.

Trouble Brewing is a  brewing industry comic by Arne Frantzell published Thursdays. Enjoy

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Trouble Brewing - Beeradvocate

Arne Frantzell lives in Redwood City, CA. You can contact him at arne (at)

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  1. Ian says

    With the number of websites out there saying beer advocate sucks in addition to the way these guys conduct themselves on the site, I’m gonna a go ahead and say BA is the problem. Todd = the biggest “troll” of all.

  2. Egan Reynolds says

    Beeradvocate sucks because they are hypocrites. Everything they do, is contrary to their own rules. Nobody who is happy with themselves, acts like total assholes to others.

  3. Jason L. says

    Actually Adny, if you had any idea of the trivial things that some of us had been banned for you would not be saying that. Of the 4 people I know of who have been banned, none of them broke any rules whatsoever. Three of the 4 did nothing more than ask questions. Pointed but constructive questions. In an effort to improve the site no less! The bros, Todd in particular are so ultra-defensive that they cannot accept even a hint of criticism, much less dissension.

    It’s a shame really. That site has been watered down and homogenized into something so bland, if it were a beer it would would be somewhere in the realm of Mich Ultra.

  4. Adny says

    Wow, complaints about how a couple of guys run their own website. Boo-effing-hoo. Nothing like a little success to bring out the whiners, the haters and the people that first accept the rules and then refuse to play by them.

    BTW, love the cartoon, but the cry-babies are another story.

  5. Yep says

    This is what you get with 2 people of low intelligence and massive egos running a site like BA. Their database is horribly inaccurate and they are more worried about banning people then fixing things.

  6. Chris says

    I wish BA would go away, but the rating DB is the best out there for beers in my region. I’ve basically avoided the place after they were so shitty about Clown Shoes, and I have been encouraging everyone else to do so.

  7. I like beer says

    Nice cartoon. I got banned in the “Purge of 2007” and all I can say is the Alstroms took their lessons from Stalin. It’s amazing how low your IQ seems to decrease when you read the dribble thats posted there

  8. SN Celebration Spice Blend says

    Yeah…I got docked some serious beer karma for a couple harmless troll replies to troll threads. Can’t even post in ISO:FT now even though I’m a magazine subscribah…

  9. Hadam Arbaugh says

    The important thing here isn’t that people are starving in the world, or that Wall Street is raping our salaries, benefits, and pension funds. The important thing is that I got banned for trolling! Occupy BA!

  10. Beer says

    Unrealistic. The Goats aren’t drawn to scale. But then, there are size limitations to the comic.

    Also, there’s no way Toad could operate anything requiring hand-eye coordination.

  11. Symmetriad says

    Having already BEEN banned long ago for something I said on a website entirely outside of BA, I can and will freely call total bullshit on their ass-backwards moderation practices. I wonder how many “preemptive” bans there’ll be from this comic and its comments section!

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