The Beginning of A Colorado Craft Beer Journey

TheFullPint.comThe Full Pint is proud to bring you an original article from our newest Colorado intern, Alannah. She shares with us the beginning of her craft beer journey in one of the most prolific beer scenes in the country, Colorado. If you are interested in writing for The Full Pint, please contact us via our contact link above. Cheers!

Like most people, my introduction to beer was through college parties and sporting events, and the only kind served there was light, watery, and inexpensive. Some years down the line, I discovered Guinness, then Anchor Steam and Fat Tire. From there I moved on to Blue Moon and that was my go-to beer for quite a few years. Occasionally I would be inspired to go outside my comfort zone and try something new, but not often. Despite my limited experience, I always seemed to be the only person in my various circles of friends who truly liked beer and drank it for enjoyment. Thus, as a female who loves beer, I assumed I was an anomaly until a couple of years ago when I found a local group of women who met regularly to learn more about beer styles, local breweries and the brewing process. Our meetings were originally held at Boulder’s Asher Brewing, Colorado’s first all-organic brewery, which is a great place for a novice to explore a few beer styles; they have their own kolsch, I.P.A., amber and wheat beers on tap.

Even as a Colorado native, until I joined the “Brew Betties” I was only vaguely aware of what an amazing beer paradise existed in my backyard. Once I started exploring local breweries, tasting and learning about various styles of beer, my enjoyment of it increased exponentially and I became very passionate about Colorado craft beer. I will admit I have often been intimidated by the sheer amount of great beer I am surrounded by, and my knowledge is still relatively limited, but half of the fun for me in beer drinking has been the self-education. I have learned so much about various aspects of beer that I have really been able to expand my horizons, and I love talking beer with just about anyone who will listen. After a few of years of exploration, I am continuing to learn, surprising myself every time I find a new style to love or local bar or brewery to frequent. My favorite weekend activity is sitting at the bar for an afternoon at Southern Sun, in south Boulder, and trying whatever sounds interesting from their expansive and constantly rotating beer list.

When I travel, I get great pleasure from seeing a familiar Avery beer on tap, no matter where I am, and from being able to talk to someone about what Colorado has to offer to a beer lover. I guess at this point, I consider myself a Colorado Beer Goodwill Ambassador. Right now that’s a volunteer position, but I’m hoping someday it will become a full-time job. Meanwhile, you can find me enjoying an award-winning Pumpkin Ale at Upslope.

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