Some Craft Beer To Leave For The Easter Bunny

Macho Man Randy Savage and Easter BunnyIf you raised your children right, they leave Santa Clause some cookies and beer, and likewise, they should be leaving the Easter Bunny some beer.  Imagine living with the fact that you’re an egg laying bunny, and then you have to hop around delivering said eggs along with candy. I’d be parched.  Here are some craft beers you should leave for the Easter Bunny.

Saison duPont – Found where finer beers are sold, this is the gold standard of Saisons. A few munches of carrots and a swig of Du Pont would rejuvenate even the most tired Bunny.

Samuel Adams Alpine Spring – A super refreshing unfiltered Lager, that should be pretty fresh.  Because EB won’t have time to drink all six, put 5 in the fridge for mom and dad.

Maui Bikini Blonde Lager – Another highly drinkable beer. While the bunny may not have time to drink 6 Sam Adams, he may have time to drink 6 Bikini Blondes.

Bell’s Oberon – We heard a tale that one year, some kid left the Easter Bunny a Blue Moon, and he was PISSED. He left a note saying, next year leave me Oberon or I’m skipping over you.  Lesson learned.

Dale’s Pale Ale – The Easter Bunny has never had an Oskar Blues beer he didn’t like, but his favorite out of the pack is fresh Dales.

North Coast Scrimshaw –  This is as close to the fizzy yellow stuff you will see the Easter Bunny get.  He is real sucker for well made pilsners we’ve heard.

Hopefully you get an idea of what The Bunny wants to quench his thirst with, nothing too heavy, but something with full flavor. Put one out for him, he’ll be sure to drink it, if anything, so not to be rude. Happy Easter!


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