Craft Beer Power Rankings Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Edition

Craft Beer Power RankingsWe’re taking a week off of ranking the most buzz worthy craft beers this week to bring you a very special edition of Craft Beer Power Rankings. We’re going to rank the 5 must drink craft beers for the long sunny Memorial Day Weekend. Cheers!

5. Full Sail Session Premium Lager – Super drinkable, super affordable, and I’ll be damned if you can’t finish a 12 pack of “grenades” and feel fine the next morning. You can find it almost anywhere, including Trader Joes, and it’s easily one of the best craft beer values you’ll find. Bring it to a picknick where there’s a bunch of green bottled beer drinkers, and watch their face light up.

4. Drake’s Alpha Session – You want huge amounts of flavor, but you don’t want to drink something too strong or heavy out in the hot sun. Drake’s Alpha Session Nor-Cal Bitter is your answer to that. Super hoppy and clocks in at 3.8%. Amazed at how much character is in such a small beer.

3. Sierra Nevada Summerfest – Here’s another green bottle buster that will please a wide audience at the same time. You can get this beer almost everywhere beer is sold, and it’s fresh and clean.

2. Victory Summer Love – Delicious, crisp, and somewhere in between a summer lager and pale ale.

1. Firestone Walker Pale 31 – When fresh, this is the go to beer. Tastes and smells like an IPA without the alcohol punch.  Pairs perfectly with BBQ and good times.

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