Craft Beer Power Rankings 6-6-13

Craft Beer Power RankingsWe return from vacation to present you with the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the second week of June.  The craft beer rankings ranks the 5 most buzzworthy beers of the week. Influences include but are not limited to social media (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram) as well as RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Cheers!

5. Stone EnjoyBy 07.04.13 – Stone has brought back one of the best drinking double IPAs. They have the luxuary of timing some of these “EnjoyBy” dates to coincide with hallmark holidays as well as US national holidays.  EnjoyBy 4th of July is pretty brilliant, and so is the beer.

4. Cascade Elderberry – Cascade is one of small handful of US sour ale brewers that knock it out of the park most times.  People are fishing for this beer, and based on Cascade’s track record, rightfully so.

3. Russian River T25 – While this beer came out in limited distribution last year, Russian River got folks talking about this beer by putting it into a limited amount of 3 Litre bottles.  The beer is fantastic, and everyone loves the 3L gimmick.

2. Topping Goliath’s Kentucky Brunch – We hadn’t heard about this beer until a few days ago, but it’s blowing up the trade block.  Topping Goliath also made themselves known in our Best American Pale Ale Poll with their Psudo Sue.  300 bottle limit is sure to break the Internet this week.

1. Cigar City Brandy Barrel Aged Hunahpu Imperial Stout – This beer was bottled and sold at the brewery in Tampa a few weeks ago, its been trading like a maniac. Cigar City sent out a few kegs to Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival, and won the People’s Choice, further cementing this beers greatness.

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