Comments on The Sale of Anchor Brewing brings you exclusive comments from the craft beer industry on the recent sale of Anchor Brewing to The Griffin Group.

We read the huge story, and posted the press release regarding the sale of pioneer craft brewery Anchor, by the founder and president Fritz Maytag.  Without rehashing the story in detail, Mr. Maytag is getting on in years, and seems to want to pursue other interests.  It has also been implied that Anchor has been challenged over the last few years in the market, and that might have played a slight role in changing owners and subsequently, infrastructure. While I haven’t heard an official “why”, I can tell you personally that my short (7 years) relationship with Anchor Brewing of San Francisco has been a loving one.  If the beer from them that I’ve grown to love changes or goes away, I’ll be sad, but I’ll be ok.

Comments from Around the Industry

Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Co. – Escondido, CA – “Much respect to Fritz and the entire team at Anchor.  Much respect.”

Daniel Carey, Brewmaster of New Glarus Brewing – New Glarus, WI – “I am from San Francisco. I was 15 in 1975 when I had my first great beer, Anchor Steam. It was fresh, crisp, malty and exotic. Then in 1983, I went to work in a microbrewery. At that time, anyone starting a brewery sought audience with Fritz. He took the time to meet with any aspiring brewer. He is a Gentleman and truly the Father of the Good Beer Renaissance in America. I wish him good luck and peace but I doubt he’ll slow down. I’m sure something wonderful and imaginative is in store from him.”

K.M. Weaver , Northern California Based Craft Beer Writer -Sebastopol,CA –  “Hopefully quality and consistency will remain at the top of their priorities, and I have to imagine that Fritz’s role as Chairman Emeritus will serve to support that sort of continuity. Best of luck to him, and to Anchor.”

Sam Calagione , Founder and President of Dogfish Head Brewing – Milton, DE – “End of an era.  A new one begins:  I hope Anchor Liberty and Porter stay in the picture long term – two of my favs.”

Glynn Phillips, Owner of The Rubicon Brewing Company – Sacramento, CA – “The Rubicon Brewing Company would like to thank Fritz Maytag and Anchor Brewing for all they have done for the Brewing industry in the State of California and the world. We have sold their beer at our Pub, drank their beer at home, and look forward to all their seasonal offerings. We wish the best to the new owners and look forward to the continued success of one of our favorite breweries.”

Peter Hoey, Co-Founder of Odonato Brewing, Former Brewmaster of Sacramento Beer Co. – “Hearing about the sale of Anchor is a bit like hearing that your parents are selling the house you grew up in. Some of my earliest experiences were with craft beer were with Anchor products and I hope the new owners can foster the same culture of integrity and quality that Fritz and his brewing team have upheld for so many years.”

Brendan Moylan, Brewmaster and Owner of Moylan’s Brewing, Novato, CA – “I have no doubt that fellow Novato resident Keith Greggor will continue to produce the standard and quality of beer that has become synonymous with the names Anchor Steam and Fritz Maytag. Marin County knows and loves good beer!”


  1. JohnEFresh says

    Like most – my heart sunk when I first heard the news. I had the wonderful fortune of working at Anchor Brewing for a couple of years in the early 90s. Fritz and I had terrible conversations – he preferred to talk technology and I prefered to steer the conversation back to beer at every opportunity. I hope he never, ever goes away.

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