The Bruery Grey Monday

The Bruery Grey MondayFrom The Bruery – Originally brewed for a molecular gastronomy dinner at Beachwood BBQ, this decadent version of Black Tuesday is brewed with Oregon grown, roasted hazelnuts.

The Bruery – The Bruery Grey Monday – On tap at Black Tuesday 2012 – 18.6% abv.

Appearance:  Pours a cola brown with some small bubbles a top.

Aroma:  Slight hazelnut syrup, roast, chocolate, bourbon, vanilla.

Taste:  Hazelnuts,  bourbon,chocolate, graham cracker, wood.

Mouthfeel: Warming,  full bodied with delicate carbonation.

Overall: One of my favorite Black Tuesday variants.  The introduction of the hazelnuts smooths some of those hot rough edges off of fresh Black Tuesday, and if you like hazelnuts or hazelnut flavoring in your coffee, you will appreciate it here.  If you got a bottle from Reserve Society, I would consider drinking it in the next 6 months tops, to enjoy the layer of hazelnut goodness.

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