SweetWater Dank Tank Some Strange

SweetWater Some StrangeFrom SweetWater Breweing – Living large with his 7 year squeeze, Capt. Danky was suddenly blindsided as he discovered General Betrayus under the sheets with his ho. Unstable, delirious, and in desperate need of relief, he headed to the Cheetah to drown his sorrows with a few motorboats. After his wallet was drained by a lonely dental hygienist student, she whispered in his ear the 411 on a swinging late night dance club called Johnny’s Hideaway where he might get lucky. Wearing his big boy pants, he jumped in the first cab and beelined it to the hopeful honey hole. A stupefied Capt. Danky slipped in and was immediately pounced on by the house mama who set her meat hooks into him to do a little dirty dancing. Capt Danky was swept off his feet by this big ol’ beauty and lured back to her cougar den for some Danky Spanky. Capt Danky awoke with an ear to ear hicky and massive claw marks on his chest, back, and sack-a-jo-wia. He slowly rolled over and uncrusted his eyes, hoping to figure out what was saddled up next to him under the leopard skin sheets. As his vision cleared, he gagged, learning he had ‘seasoned” a big fat black double IPA. Horrified, he grabbed his ring off the nightstand and jumped out the window before it was awake and ready for roust two. Here’s to hoping his buddies never discover his bag-age. Get Some Strange!

SweetWater Brewing – SweetWater Dank Tank Some Strange – 22 oz. bottle poured into a pint glass. 10% abv.

Appearance:  Pours brown with a frothy swirly head.

Aroma:  Dank sativa, lime leaf, sweet tarts.

Taste:  Quick herbal hops, caramel and slight roasted malt. Juicy citrus hops in the finish.

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied. Modest carbonation.

Overall: Very interesting, pretty tasty, alcohol well hidden.

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