Hoppin Frog / De Molen Super-Charged Saison IPA

Hoppin Frog US Meats Europe Saison IPAFrom Hoppin’ Frog – U.S Meets Europe S.I.P.A. – Collaborating with De Molen Brewery in the “Green Heart” of The Netherlands, we have created a wild and inventive recipe that is a unique blend of the best from both worlds! A super-charged Saison I.P.A. is born, featuring kilos of American hops to add a crazy twist to this European-style ale. The fruity, spicy flavors of this malty Double Saison are nicely complimented by an abundance of late and dry-hopping with the finest American hops.

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery – Hoppin Frog / De Molen Super-Charged Saison IPA – 22 oz. bomber poured into a goblet. 10.9% abv.

Appearance:  Pours a hazy amber with a thin white film a top.

Aroma: Candied orange, spicy yeast, nice herbal hops.

Taste:  Vanilla, spicy yeast, candi sugar, mild herbal hop. Alcohol well integrated. Drank more like a 8% beer than nearly 11%.

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied , modest carbonation.

Overall: For me, this was a Belgian Double IPA.  Too sweet/not dry enough for me, but otherwise not shabby.

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