Dogfish Head / Sierra Nevada Life & Limb Rhizing Bines

Dogfish Sierra Nevada Rhizing BinesFrom Dogfish Head – Rhizing Bines is a collaborative IPA using the best of both coasts: Carolina-grown red fife wheat and Dogfish Head’s continual-hopping from the East and Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown caramel malt and Torpedo dry-hopping from the west.

Dogfish Head – Dogfish Head Life & Limb Rhizing Bines – 22 oz. bottle poured into a goblet. 8% abv.

Appearance:  Pours bright amber tinted gold. Tight bubbles within the white head.

Aroma:  Toasty sweet malt, piney earthy hops.

Taste:  Toasty sweet malt, piny hops. A touch fruity.

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied,a tad astringent. Pleasant carbonation.

Overall:  This beer was exactly what I expected. A very malt forward IPA, similar to some of the Estate beers and good old 90 Minute.  I didn’t notice wheat in it, but I probably need more time with the beer.  Delicious and worth trying.

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