The Monk’s Kettle To Open The Abbot’s Cellar – 100 Seat Craft Beer Focused Restaurant

The Monk's KettleThe Monk’s Kettle to Open The Abbot’s Cellar, a 100-seat Craft Beer-Focused Restaurant

The owners of the Monk’s Kettle have just signed a lease at 740 Valencia St, to open a high-end restaurant that will focus on craft beer and food pairings.

San Francisco, CA – The owners of the Monk’s Kettle, Patch Edward LLC, headed by Christian Albertson and Nat Cutler, are pleased to announce they have just signed a lease at 740 Valencia Street in San Francisco, in the highly sought-after 18th and Valencia corridor.

To be opened in the winter, the Abbot’s Cellar will be a high-end restaurant that will focus on craft beer and food pairings. The kitchen focal point will be a brick hearth, and the food menu will feature a daily changing menu of gourmet American and European fare with a strong emphasis on locally and sustainably sourced products.

As with the Monk’s Kettle, the menu will focus heavily on beer and food pairings: the menu will be dictated by the availability of specialty beer and seasonal produce. Beer pairings and food courses will be discussed and created through frequent meetings between Chef Adam Dulye and the directors of the beer program. Located just 2 ½ blocks from the Monk’s Kettle, the two venues will have a sister relationship, with Monks Kettle as the neighborhood tavern and Abbot’s Cellar as the fine-dining restaurant.

While the focus of the Monk’s Kettle beer list is to offer as wide a range of selections as possible (without compromising the quest for quality), the Abbot’s Cellar beer program will be extensive yet have a much tighter focus. At the Abbot’s Cellar, while it will be important to offer a wide range of beers in order to hit all taste profiles, it is imperative that the beer served at the Abbot’s Cellar is incredibly food-friendly. On draft, there will be around 24 taps. Draft specialists are being consulted to build the most efficient and proper system. The beers will be kept at different temperatures, depending on the style, so that all beers are served properly. Most domestic craft beers and lighter styles will be kept around 40 degrees, while Belgians, stouts and higher alcohol beers will be kept closer to 50 degrees. Two more drafts will be drawn from hand-pump cask engines. There will be a strong emphasis on bottles, and glass pours from the bottle, at the Abbot’s Cellar. The bottle list will contain over 100 selections including vintage offerings from the cellar, with 8-10 daily rotating glass pour selections that will be highlighted in the daily pre-fixe menu and the flights offered.

The building at 740 Valencia was formerly an auto garage called John’s Jaguars, and the landlord has converted the building into three retail spaces. The Abbot’s Cellar will occupy the center space that measures at around 3000 square feet, and features exposed brick on several walls, 24-foot ceilings, floor to ceiling wooden beams and supporting trusses, as well as several skylights. Lundberg Design, famed for its work with Slanted Door, will be overseeing architectural design. The dining room will seat about 60-70 while the bar and kitchen counter will see another 35 seats. Featured in the design will be a glass-enclosed beer cellar, and a tall back bar showcasing the many types of glassware used in the beer program.

Reservations will be available at the Abbot’s Cellar. As the project develops, information will be posted at

Owners Christian Albertson and Nat Cutler are also pleased to announce that Chef Adam Dulye (whose beer and food pairings will be featured at Savor in Washington, DC in two weeks) is the newest partner in Patch Edward LLC.

About the Monk’s Kettle
The Monk’s Kettle is a first-rate neighborhood craft beer and wine tavern, focusing on craft beer and upscale American cuisine. With a comprehensive list of about 200 rotating beers (24 drafts and around 180 in the bottle, including about 15 vintage selections from the cellar), the Monk’s Kettle seeks to properly serve a wide range of beer styles while specializing in Californian and Belgian brews. Executive Chef Adam Dulye, whose beer pairings will be featured in June at Savor in Washington, D.C, completes the experience with beer and culinary pairing. Due to its extensive beer offerings, the Monk’s Kettle’s friendly and well-educated staff seeks to educate its patrons about the world of beer, and guide customers through the list.

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