The Bruery Announces Revised Growler Policy

The Bruery LogoThe Bruery of Placentia, CA has announced their revised growler fill policy based on the newly revised growler laws here in California.  It will be interesting to see if other breweries will follow suit, as it is still not completely clear (at least not to us) what the retailers are entitled to do and not do. Historically, The Bruery has followed the letter of the law, so knowing that, I am hoping other swing top growler filling breweries like Stone, Eagle Rock and Russian River hop on board. If they don’t, this will be almost pointless at this point in time. Here’s an exceprt from the Bruery’s blog, with a link to read the deal in it’s entirety. Cheers!

We will fill 2-liter blank, Palla-style swing top growlers (the same style as the ones we currently fill), but that have no markings that can be associated with any other brewery. We’ll sell empty, blank growlers for $10, the same price as our own The Bruery™ branded growlers.

You can make our growler, or any other Palla-style growler into a blank growler that we’ll accept by removing the screen printing from the growler (instructions below). The pricing to fill a blank growler will be the same as the pricing to fill our own branded growler. Curent prices for growler fills can be found on the draft offerings lists in The Bruery Tasting Room.

Read the entire blog post from the Bruery including FAQs on the matter.

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