Stone Brewing – News Roundup

Stone BrewingGathering beer news for you loyal readers isn’t always easy to do.  One of our favorites, Stone Brewing, likes to keep a tight lip when it comes to future beers, collaborations and expansion projects.

None the less, we reached out to them and asked them a few questions.  In addition to their answers, we’ll give you our take/predictions on the topic at hand. Cheers, TFP

Stone European Brewery Project-
Any update on the European expansion. We’ve heard it might be in Bruges or Berlin?

” Sites in those two cities are indeed at the top of our current list, but nothing is finalized. We are moving forward with due diligence on those sites, but we’re still open to new offers.”

What this tells us, is Stone has likely found a way for this to make business sense, and doing this project in two great beer territories is a cool idea. There should be a lot of inspiration in both cities that could take their creativity to the next level.

Stone Odd Beers for Odd YearsWhat will be the “Odd Blend” for Stone Imperial Russian Stout? I’ve heard it will have a Belgian yeast strain in it, but not 100% of the yeast bill? (We asked this before Stone posted their blog post, further explaining this side project.

2011 Stone Imperial Russian Stout will be approximately a 50/50 blend of regular Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Stone Belgo Imperial Russian Stout, with a small amount of star anise added during the brewing process.”

This is risky for Stone, and that is one of their famous traits.  I haven’t cared for most of their Belgian-style beers, and I don’t care for Old Guardian Belgo Barleywine. One thing is for sure, I will be anticipating fresh IRS and OG that much more for 2012.

Lukcy Basertd Ale – Have we seen the last of Lukcy Basertd?

“Lukcy Basartd Ale is a one-time brew, but as you’re undoubtedly aware, we are sometimes in the habit of doing what the hell we want. So you never know. No promises.”

Stone 11th Anniversary became a Limited Release Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale which became a fairly available beer eventually. Lukcy Basertd is a great beer, and I would place a small bet we haven’t seen the last of it in a fresh capacity.

Stone Collaborations – What will be the next collaboration?

“The next collaboration will be called Green Flash / Pizza Port Carlsbad / Stone Highway 78 Scotch Ale. That’s all we can say for now.”

To fill you guys in, all three breweries are near “The 78” in San Diego County.  Chuck Silva is the MAN and Jeff Bagbey from Pizza Port aint no slauch. I anticipate great things for this beer.

Brew Masters Season 2 – What are the chances of a Greg/Stone season of Brew Masters? I was told Greg was in the running for season 1.

“We haven’t heard this rumor.”

We heard from a reliable source that Greg Koch and Garrett Marrero were in preliminary talks with Discovery for Brew Masters. While it seems like it’s Sam’s/DFH’s show, I could see another magical creator/brewery being featured on that show.  I kind of like the mystique around Greg/Arrogant Bastard/Stone Brewing and might not want to get a look behind the curtain.

Additional Beer Geek Type Festivals – Will there be another Sourfest/Oakquinox like festival planned for 2011, if so what will be the theme?”

“We are planning an additional festival for 2011, but we’re not prepared to release any details yet.”

Awesome for us So-Cal residents.  We’d like to take this opportunity to throw our suggestions for said fest: A Session Ale Themed Fest (craft beers under 5%) or  A Cask Ale Fest.

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