Pyramid Alehouse In Sacramento Closes For Good W/ Thoughts

Pyramid Ale House SacramentoWe just confirmed via Pryamid Alehouse’s Website, that they are closing down their location in Sacarmento, CA.

We haven’t gotten word why, but I can tell you this, Pyramid was one of the best craft choices around about 10 years ago, when there were only beers like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada available.  They even made a wonderful nitro beer called Pyramid DPA, that was only available at select accounts, and of course, their alehouses. I hope this isn’t a sign of the times for their brand, they are a big part of the Pacific Northwest beer scene.

Here’s a graphic from :



  1. Richard says

    The brand is owned by North American Breweries out of Rochester, NY (Genesee Beer, Magic Hat, Pyramid, etc) which was recently bought by Cerveceria Costa Rica. Perhaps they are starting a bit of house cleaning.

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