Pliny The Younger 2012 Release Info – Let The S-Storm Begin

Russian River Pliny the YoungerCoinciding with’s website facelift ,is the announcement of Pliny The Younger release details. Bottles? No. Growler fills? No. A long line at the pub, and many beer bars and fans crying up a storm? Yeeeeup.

Pliny the Younger is still scheduled for release at our brewpub on Friday, February 3rd! Here is the scoop: the pub opens at 11am at which time we will be seating everyone in an orderly and civilized fashion. We are reserving the dining room and board room for folks who are eating, but there is plenty of space at the bar for those interested in just imbibing. Younger will be served in a 10 ounce glass for the same price as last year and the year before- still a good deal! As you probably already know, there will be no growlers or bottles, as usual. We want you to enjoy Younger from the source at its absolute best! Like all fresh food products, this beer has a very short “shelf” life and is meant to be consumed only when in season (February, early March)! There will be a certain number of kegs allotted each day for 14 days, wrapping up 2 weeks of Younger on February 16th. We will begin distribution to our local (Bay Area) accounts on February 6th.  Our distributors (all 7 of them) will begin picking up their allocation that week and the following week. If you live in one of  the few markets where we distribute, they should be getting their Younger within that time frame. One note- we do not dictate where our distributors choose to send Pliny the Younger. That is completely up to them and we trust their decisions!

Click here to read the entire post from Russian River, with much more detail. 

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