O’Brien’s Pub In San Diego Being Blatantly Ripped Off

We just found out yesterday via Tom Nickel’s Facebook (Proprietor of O’Brien’s Pub in San Diego) that a pub in Wallingford, CT is not only going by the name O’Brien’s Pub, but they have blatantly stolen the San Diego Pub’s Logo.

O’Brien’s Pub San Diego’s Logo

O'Brien's Pub

O’Brien’s Pub in Wallingford, CT

So while the name O’Brien’s is a common name, and has been used all over the world, the graphic was clearly stolen.

In fact, they stole it in 2010 (O’Brien’s SD opened in 1994), demonstrating who came first:

From O’Brien’s CT’s Facebook – “Ed opened “Nancy’s Pub” in March of 2010. Over the last 6 months he contemplated changing the name of the pub that reflected the casual, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere customers enjoy. Thanks to all of the loyal patrons for their suggestions to rename the pub. O’BRIEN’S PUB was selected and a new logo was designed for the pub and the local Meriden/Wallingford landmark… Castle Craig.”

Here is Tom Nickel’s response via his Facebook Page – “So it appears that the folks at O’Brien’s in CT have now erased all comments and blocked all those who had previously posted on their site. The time for asking nicely has apparently ended as they have enough time to erase comments, but not enough time to apologize for stealing our logo. Now I must summon the dark souls we call lawyers to do their evil bidding….”

We reached out to Tom for more comment, right now he is in a holding pattern. “Their use of the logo is more widespread than I first thought.  I don’t want this to be a fight, so I hope when I hear from the other O’Brien’s they are reasonable.”

While we don’t advocate trolling or unnecessary drama, let’s do what we can to support Tom. This is worse than that North Versailles, PA brewery stealing our name, but hey, they don’t have Google in their town. These CT folks seemingly robbed one of the finest beer bars in the nation.


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