Monkish Brewing News – First Anniversary, Distribution Update and More

Monkish Brewing Co.

It’s been ONE year since we opened our Tasting Room and sold our beers! So much has happened since that first time we opened our door and served you beer. As the weeks rolled on, we learned, adapted, implemented, created, expanded… and here we are — one year old.

As a quick update, if you haven’t heard: we have signed with a distributor, Incline Beverages, for the Southern California area (start looking for our beers in San Diego), we are weeks away from bottling, and we have started filling oak barrels.

Thank you for your support in year ONE! And …. as a small token of our appreciation to you, this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) we are taking $ ONE off of our 8-12oz pours

> tasting room. food.

If you haven’t been to the Tasting Room in a while, we’ve been having different mobile food options at the Tasting Room on Fridays and Saturdays. So come thirsty and come hungry! You can find updates on which food vendor is here by following us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

> new beer.

Our first “communal” (aka collaboration) beer. We brewed this batch with our friends at Select Beer Store (Redondo Beach) – with whom we share the same ONE-year anniversary date and who received our first keg sold and first invoice. This beer, which is a variation of Wes’ (the owner) homebrew recipe, is an abbey-style ale with oats, wheat and barley. With a hazy-blond hue, it balances crispness and creaminess and gives hints of citrus and spices. 5.8% ABV

Did we brew one? Yep. But we decided to throw them into oak barrels for it to undergo spiritual contemplation :)

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