Introducing Mischief Brewing Company

Mischief BrewingSeems like every week a new brewery is popping up.  We’d like to introduce to you Mischief Brewing, which will be opening its doors and taps in the near future.  You can help speed up the process by reading this introduction, and contributing to their Kickstarter Fund.  We wish these folks the best of luck. Cheers!

Mischief is start-up brewpub in Peoria AZ. Peoria does not have an independent brewery right now so we are really looking forward to bringing amazing craft beer to this community. We call ourselves Mischief for a reason, we want to push the envelope and challenge what people think they know about beer.

We have 29 days left on our Kickstarter and we need to raise another $28,000 for it to be successful. We are 100% confident it will be, we just need people like YOU to help get out name and cause out there. The money raised via Kickstarter will pay our licensing and legal fees as well us purchase the remaining amount of equipment. We are so thankful for all of the support we have already received, this community has been so good to us. People are so excited about our concept. The Kickstarter will allow us to open sooner and with more varieties of both beer and food.

Brandon and April Richter

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