Interesting News Regarding The Bruery / 3 Floyds Collaboration

(Placentia,CA) – The Bruery of Placentia, CA teamed up with famous craft brewing veterans 3 Floyds Brewing of Munster, IN on a double batch collaboration. Below is a note sent out to Reserve and Hoarder Society members regarding the status of these collaboration beers, and what you need to know before purchasing them. Cheers! \m/

We are extremely excited to share our newest collaboration beers with you – Rue D’Floyd and Floyd D’Rue.  This pair of barrel aged ales were brewed with the help of our friends at 3 Floyds Brewing Co. from Munster, Indiana, and are an exciting new take on the experimental beers for which both of our breweries are well known.  Tickets for a release event featuring these new collaboration ales are also now on sale along with a third new beer which we lovingly refer to as Mischmishmish.

The Bruery Floyd d'Rue

All of these beers are tasting absolutely fantastic, but we would like to let you know that our quality control team has found lactobacillus in both of the Three Floyds collaboration releases.  For those unaware, lactobacillus is a bacteria that is capable of turning a beer sour (we use it intentionally in our sour beers, but did not intentionally use it in this beer).  As for this beer, it is quite high in alcohol, contains healthy brewers’ yeast and is fittingly carbonated, all factors that do not make a good environment for lactobacillus to survive.  It is possible that its presence will never affect the flavor of the beer, but it is also possible that it will.

Since we love these beers and wish to share them with you, we are offering them for sale with a bit of a disclaimer: keep these bottles at refrigeration temperature (38-42 F) until you’re ready to consume them and enjoy by June 30, 2014.  We plan to fulfill orders of these beers from 4/23/14 through 6/30/14. If our QC department determines the beer is no longer to our quality standards before this date, we will stop fulfilling pickups of these beers and we will refund those who have not yet picked up their beer.  If you consume the beer after June 30, 2014 and have found the beer has turned sour, we will not be issuing refunds.  If the beer remains stable, we may choose to extend the window for pickups, but those who pick up after June 30, 2014 run the same risk.  You may be an experimental type of person (hey, just like us) and want to see what happens after June 30, 2014.  Feel free to do so, but please don’t make us tell you that “we told you so!”

The Bruery Rue d'Floyd

On the plus side, we are offering these bottles at $20/bottle before your membership discount.  The expense of making these two collaboration beers would ordinarily have put them into our $30/bottle category, but given the potential issue we hope lowering the price will give you more confidence in giving these beers a shot.  However, given its price point and our desire for you to drink this as soon as possible, we will not be applying wax to the top of the bottle as we originally planned.

We will continue to follow the development of the lactobacillus in these bottles and will update you on its status.  We also continue to take the steps necessary to ensure our beer tastes as we intend it to (short of pasteurization or sterile filtering), and will share more on our quality assurance efforts in the near future.  Until then, enjoy as soon as possible with a great group of friends.

These beers will be on sale through May 2nd, along with Sucré and Tripel Tonnellerie via and will be available to pick up and/or will begin shipping on Wednesday, April 23rd.


  1. joseph banks says

    So a brewery that uses lactobacillus has an infection problem in the brewery now. Wow, say it ain’t so. Who didn’t see that one coming?


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