HooDoo Brewing Happenings for American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week 2013(Fairbanks, AK) – Next week is American Craft Beer Week and we have some great things planned.  Highlighting the week is the release of our first lager, a Maibock. The first keg of HooDoo Maibock will be tapped at 5pm on Tuesday, May 14.

So, goodbye Winter, hello Spring!  Let’s celebrate as the Germans celebrate!

In Germany, Maibocks are released in May to celebrate the change in seasons and the launch into spring and summer. HooDoo Maibock is no different.  May in Fairbanks is certainly a time of celebration.  Time to say goodbye to the brutal depths of a Fairbanks winter, and hello to the long awaited 24-hour sunshine.  May is a wonderful time in Fairbanks, and Maibock is the perfect beer for it.

The Maibock is our first lager.  Throughout the years leading up to HooDoo Brewing Company, as a home brewer, brewing student, or professional brewer, I always had my sights set on someday brewing a lager.   Lagers are different than ales though. Lagers use a different type of yeast – a yeast that likes to ferment in relatively cool temperatures, for long periods of time.  Lagers are also very delicate in flavor.

The quality of ingredients and process show through in any beer, but even more so in a lager. Lagers are the ultimate showcase of process, technical understanding, and recipe formulation.  One of the reasons we invested in a rare 3-vessel, German style brewhouse was to be able to produce world class lagers, just as they do in Germany.

Hope to see you in the taproom!


Bobby, Brewer/Owner

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