Heretic Brewing in the Midst of Expanding Big W/ Thoughts

Heretic Brewing 2013Heretic Brewing is in the middle of a pretty big expansion. For those not familiar, decorated home brewer Jamil Zainasheff went pro a few years ago, and launched Heretic Brewing.  They began bottling a few core beers, Evil Cousin and Evil Twin and begin distributing to a few accounts in Northern California, Southern California and Idaho.  We sampled both beers at GABF 2011 and found them to live up to the hype, if not exceeding it it.

Moving out of their Pittsburgh(CA) facility, they have made quick progress assembling their larger brewhouse in Fairfield, CA. Here are some pictures taken from their Facebook Page (which you should LIKE).

So, for us beer drinkers, this is fantastic news.  It’s my opinion that Heretic brews California-Style beers. Hoppy, dry, full of character, sometimes experimental without being gimmicky.  While Heretic makes it to the West Side of SoCal, it’s mostly on draft.  I’d love to be able to take home a bottle of Evil Twin or Evil Cousin. We hope to bring you tasting notes on Heretic Beers soon, meanwhile look out for them as they ramp up this year. Here’s a link to find them as of press.




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