Heavy Seas – Football Truly Brings Out The Religion In Us

heavy-seasBaltimore, MD – According to Ray Lewis’ pastor Jamal Bryan of the Empowerment Temple AMA Church in Baltimore, MD, GOD has, in fact,
sided with the Ravens in this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII showdown in New Orleans.

Emboldened with the backing of such prestigious supporters, local brewer, Hugh Sisson of Heavy Seas Beer, has fashioned a prayer for The Baltimore Ravens as they march into battle against the San Francisco 49er’s.  The prayer, likened to FDR’s “Let Our Hearts Be Stout” D-Day prayer, by one of Sisson’s fans should hopefully give motivation to those armchair warriors across America who are looking for a Baltimore victory this weekend.

Sisson is quoted as saying, “Beer and Football are a part of the American landscape.  Today’s beer drinkers are so zealous that they are arguably religious about the beers that they drink and the brewers that they follow.”  With tongue in cheek, he continues, “what we aim to do is give those football fans and  beer drinkers some doctrine so that they are not aimlessly blabbering about worthless chants and  rituals.  This prayer is their prayer.

It is a prayer for the people.  A prayer for the win.  A prayer for the pre-ordained Ravens’ victory.”

Summing up his argument, Sisson says “I mean you can bet against the Ravens, but are you going to bet against God?”

The Ravens Super Bowl Prayer

Spoken in Unison

Our Flacco, who art in N’awlins,

Thy will throw Sunday 3 touchdown passes.

Give us we pray ten first downs from Rice,

And forgive us our tackles, as we forgive the officials who only see helmet to helmet.

And lead us not into the wide right kick,

But deliver us from dropped passes,

For thine is the Boldin, the Pitta, and the Smith,

Forever and ever, touch down!



Heavy Seas Beer is brewed by Clipper City Brewing, Baltimore’s largest brewing facility producing hand-crafted draught and bottled beers,
was founded in 1995 by Baltimore brewing pioneer, Hugh Sisson.



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