Follow Up on Founders Distributing To The UK

Founders BrewingWe shared news from Founders Brewing yesterday, in which they announced they would be expanding distribution to the United Kingdom. While that is most definitely great news for those on the other side of the pond, we were very curious as to why that decision was made.

Here are some follow up questions:

What made Founders decide UK was a good market to enter?

The UK is one of the fastest growing international markets for American craft beer.

During this years CBC Keynote, the Brewers Association mentioned their Export Development program, is Founder’s participating in this, or have they received grants/funding that has lead to the export of Founders beers to the UK?


What do you say to your out of market fans (cough cough California) who feel slighted by the decision to send your beer to the UK? 

International shipments provide a way for us to diversify our business and for us to spread the word of what American craft beer can be abroad. It looks to be a small part of our business as a whole, and we continue to focus on opening up new markets domestically, including Texas and Florida most recently.

How does Founders plan to make sure beers like Pale Ale, Centennial IPA and All Day IPA stay fresh after the long journey to the UK? 

Refrigerated containers, sending our freshest beer possible, frequent orders and limiting inventory so the beer is moving through retail quickly.

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