Epic Brewing – Brainless on Peaches Returns, Santa Cruz Brown Debuts + New Beer Teaser

Epic Brainless on PeachesHappy New Year! Ring in 2013 with Brainless® on Peaches, Belgian-Style Ale—aged in French Chardonnay casks with peach puree for a secondary fermentation. The first sip brings ripened peaches, sweet white wine and just a touch of Belgian beer that lingers on the tongue before dissolving into a dry, bubbly finish, with a hint of tartness from the champagne yeast and peach skins.

Santa Cruz Brown Ale will be released on Friday, December 28th. We combine the rich backbone and color of a brown ale with robust American hops. Well-balanced between sweet, roasty malts and piney, herbal hops, making this a dark beer for hop lovers.

Coming Soon: Two new Exponential Series brews—Brainless® IPA and Brainless® Raspberries.

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