Craft Beer News Roundup: Yazoo, Saint Arnold, Airdale Brewing and Boulevard

Yazoo Slye Rye PorterWhat do you want? Craft Beer News! When do you want it? Now! Ok then. In this edition of craft beer news roundup, read about Yazoo Brewing, Saint Arnold, Airdale Brewing and Boulevard Brewing. Cheers!

Yazoo Brewing –  After many years of asking, we have finally decided to give Slye Rye Porter its due. Starting in a couple weeks ,you will be able to buy it in its very own 6-pack. We will begin with specialty beer stores in and around Nashville and expand from there once we have a handle on production.

Saint Arnold – The last release currently planned in our Moveable Yeast series is the Bitter Belgian – Elissa IPA fermented with a Belgian yeast strain as opposed to our house Saint Arnold ale yeast. The result is a much fruitier beer with a variety of interesting notes that work quite well with all the Cascade hops used to brew Elissa. Bitter Belgian will be available on draft only. Although it is being released on February 9, it will only be sporadically available on that date. Many pubs and restaurants will be putting it on over following couple of weeks. In addition, some accounts will wait to tap their kegs until they have another special event planned.

Airdale Brewing – From our friends over at WestCoaster – “Airdale Brewing Company has shut its doors after four years in business. This morning, all five Airdale employees were called in and fired. The two salesmen, the accountant, the delivery driver, and Dave Lusk, former brewmaster and co-founder. According to Lusk, the contract brewery started experiencing trouble in November 2011, and business had been in decline ever since.” Click here for the entire article. 

Boulevard Brewing – “To our loyal customers who have tried without success to find a bottle of Boulevard Chocolate Ale, we sincerely apologize. We did not seek to create or encourage this phenomenon, but we pledge to try to learn from it, and to look for ways to improve and enhance our planning, our communication, and, ultimately, our production of this unprecedented beer. Let us know if you have additional questions. We’re happy to provide you with as much information as possible.” Click here to read the entire memo addressing the Chocolate Ale supply and demand issue. 

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