Brau Bros. Brewing Company Expanding With Brewery Relocation

Brau Brothers BrewingIt’s Official, Brau Bros is Expanding! We at Brau Brothers are excited to announce plans to expand and relocate the brewery to Marshall, Minnesota later this spring. Our new location will be 910 East Main Street, Marshall, Minnesota.

We are eternally grateful to those in Lucan who helped us from the very beginning. We have been brewing commercially in Lucan since 2000, and we could not have been successful without the help of many local individuals and groups. However, the growth of the brewery in recent years has outpaced city resources, and has required us to look down the road for a site conducive to long-term progress. The city of Lucan will always be the birthplace of the brewery, as well as the first city in southwest Minnesota to house a brewery post-prohibition.

Looking forward, we are eager to take advantage of a larger facility. For those of you who have visited us at the brewery, you understand how tight space has become in the last couple years. In addition to the ten fermenters we currently house, we will add six more tanks as a part of the project. We will also use the additional space to expand our packaging operations, as well as add barrel aging capacity. In short, we will be able to brew more beer, which is sorely needed.

We hope to make the brewery much more visitor-friendly. The accessible site, in addition to the size of the building itself will allow us to add a tap room, where we can permanently, and on a daily basis, make ourselves available for visits, tours, and information.

Kudos to the folks in Marshall for helping us out in this endeavor. The community could not be more welcoming, and we enthusiastically anticipate making ourselves a part of this progressive, growing hub. Thanks as well to the City of Marshall, SWIF, The Marshall Chamber of Commerce, and the many people who have worked very hard to hammer out the kinks. The hard work is ahead, but with so many allies, we could not be more fortunate.

Work on the project is on-going, and no launch date has been set. We anticipate a late-spring/early summer move. We will do our best to keep everyone up to date via website/facebook/twitter. Thank you very much for your support over the years. This is truly the culmination of dedicated beer lovers and awesome friends.

We look forward to raising a pint in our new digs!!

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