Big Choice Brewing – Small Batch Series and Collaboration With Fate Brewing

big choice brewingIn this edition of the Brewhouse Debauchery we’ll bring you our upcoming brews, as well as some fun brewery nonsense, and introduce our “yet to be named” small batch series of beers. For those of you keeping track, Zach’s beard is a celebrity now.

Our “yet to be named” tall tale series will start with a story of the Big Choice brewer’s running across an old brewers log from our own backyard of the mountains of Colorado. This log includes brewing recipes dated from 1906! Our first try at the recipes from this log dates from 1905, and is what is commonly referred to today as a “California Common”. The brewers log does refer to the style as a “steam” beer, but since we aren’t allowed to, ours will be a California Common, or maybe more appropriately, a Colorado Common! This beer should be ready for release in our tasting room February 10th, so mark your calendar.

Our next brew to come out, while not part of the new series, is our collaboration with Fate Brewing, opening up this week in Boulder. Our collaboration is a Bière de Garde. Bière de Garde (“beer for keeping”) is a strong pale ale traditionally brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France. Look for this one towards the end of February!

Both of our new beers are perfect to usher in springtime, as they are a little higher in alcohol than normal summer beers, but lighter in flavor to get the taste buds ready for the good old porch beers of summer, including the Rail Slide Extra Pale Ale and the I Want Wheat, both returning for those summer months.

Brewhouse Nonsense fact- Want to talk like a professional brewer?  Pro Brewer’s use plato instead of specific gravity.  So next time you are talking brew talk just divide the specific gravity number by 4 and make your friends think you’ve been a pro brewer for years! I.E. 1.040SG would be 10 Plato.

Have fun and ST. FUAD it!

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