Beer List for The Bruery Reserve Society / Hoarders Society Initiation Celebration

The Bruery Reserve SocietyTomorrow is The Bruery’s Reserve Society / Hoarder’s Society Initiation Party at The Phoenix Club in Anaheim,  CA.  We are proud to present to you, the entire Reserve Society beer list, as well as a teaser for the Hoarder’s Society list.  Please plan your ticks accordingly, Cheers!
The asterisk signifies a 2.5oz pour.

Two Turtle Doves*
Three French Hens*
Four Calling Birds*
Five Golden Rings*
White Oak Sap*
BA Four Calling Birds*
Imperial Loakal Red*
Go Team
Old Richland 2012
Ichigo Highway
Griffon Bruxellois
Chocolate Rain 2012*
Smoking Wood w/ Chipotle Cask*
Hottenroth w/ Fruity Pebbles Cask*
White Chocolate*
White Oak*
BA Autumn Maple*
Brett Autumn Maple*
Marron Acidifie
The Wanderer
Sans Pagaie
Chocosaurus Rye
Grey Monday*
A Steins Throw
Smoking Wood Rye 2012*
Oude Tart with Boisenberries Cask*
Anniversary in Rum Barrel (formerly held 5GR)*
Oude Tart 2011
Oude Tart 2012
Sour in the Rye 2011
Tart Of Darkness 2012
Sour Blonde w/ Pop Rocks Cask*
Mocha Black Tuesday Cask*
Melange #3 2011*
Acer Quercus*
Black Tuesday 2011*
Black Tuesday 2012*
Smoking wood – Bourbon 2012*
Brown Creeper
Grant is Pale
Loakal Red
Saison De Lente
Washington OC*
Unlimited (palate cleanser): Nottenroth

Hoarder’s Society Teaser

3 HS releases for this year
2 bottled beers that are in too limited quantity to serve much of
A Black Tuesday cask treatment
A White Oak Sap Cask Treatment


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