A Crafty Fundraiser: Help Beer Belly Expand

600_471842529514491_1812424412_nIt seems that everyone’s got a cause these days. Whether it’s funding a friend’s album to helping to kick-start your cousin’s latest entrepreneurial endeavors, finding a project you want to support can make your head spin. With that said, I want to spotlight one particular cause that any craft beer lover should support: Koreatown’s Beer Belly.

For the unfamiliar, Beer Belly is a fantastic craft beer bar located in the heart of Koreatown. It’s by far, one of the best gastropubs in the city with its thoughtfully curated beer list and delicious (and indulgent) food offerings from Chef Wes. It’s a totally local operation; small and cozy with a great sense of community. But it’s the size of the place that can sometimes detract from a Beer Belly experience and owner Jimmy Han has taken the initiative to expand their existing patio space to better serve their customers by launching a fundraising campaign online via IndieGoGo.

SoCal local or not, I urge you to check out their campaign and consider throwing a few craft beer-loving bucks their way. Your contributions are even rewarded with some pretty cool swag from pint glasses to your name forever immortalized on their new patio. Pay them a visit and see this place for yourself and you’ll agree– a little more space can take them a long way. In fact, if you’re so inclined to check Beer Belly out before the campaign ends, join us for THIS event we are a part of with Smog City Brewing on Jan. 26! Just don’t forget to get the Death by Duck fries…

To donate to their expansion project,check out their campaign page here: www.indiegogo.com/beerbellyla



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