The 411 On Bell’s Hopslam 2014 Release

Bell's HopslamAnother Hopslam season is upon us! And we know a lot of our fans are excited to see its return.

Below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about our seasonal double IPA.

Q: When/where will Hopslam be available?

A: Some availability is dependent on when distributors from each area are able to pick it up at our brewery, but Hopslam will make it to all states we currently distribute to.

It will start shipping to areas in Michigan the week of Jan. 6.

It will begin shipping to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, Ohio and Arizona the week of Jan. 13.

It will then start shipping to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Kentucky and Pennsylvania the week of Jan. 20.

Our Event Calendar already has quite a few release events listed. (We will add more as we get them finalized.)

You can also check our Beer Finder. Please keep in mind, the beer will have to travel first to our distributors and then make its way to bars, restaurants and retailers before it will show up in the Beer Finder. Please be patient when checking with your local establishment for more detailed information.

Q: When will it be available at the Eccentric Café/Bell’s General Store in downtown Kalamazoo?

A: It is available now.

Q: Is there more this year?

A: We are trying to brew more but won’t know the final numbers until it’s all packaged and shipped.

Q: Will there be Hopslam mini-kegs?

A: No there will not.

Q: Can I buy a keg for my home bar/kegerator?

A: Sorry, no. All kegs are reserved for bars and restaurants. This is done to spread as much as possible of this very popular beer to as many of our fans as we can.

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  1. Patrick Heil says

    No minikegs this year? Dammit. My Oberon will be lonely in the cooler at my land on the banks of the Menominee River.

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