New Brew Thursday : Porter Pounder : Ass Kisser Ales

Happy Valentine’s Day .. or Happy New Brew Thursday if you don’t subscribe to Hallmark Holidays. This week we make Ass Kisser Ales our Valentine, with their lovely Porter Pounder Smoked Porter.

Stephen is remarkably lax in the sex jokes given the name of this beer, Matt comes right out the gate with an Ass Kisser joke .. and all John can see is Ass Pounder.

Come and join us, live on the internets, while we join Beachwood BBQ for Pliny Fights Cancer. We’ll be broadcasting live on Monday February 18th at noon from Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ & Brewery. Actual web address will be announced soon ( watch for that on twitter @NewBrewThursday ).

Master Pairings with Dr. Bill ANNOUNCEMENT .. we still don’t have any. We are working on it though. We PROMISE the segment will be back on the air soon.

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