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Since The Full Pint’s inception, we’ve had wonderful support from some of our closest friends and followers. This page highlights those folks, who will forever remain part of the TFP family.

Mike aka Big Mike –  Mike (hailing from SoCal) has true passion for beer and a palate that would amaze the late great Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson. Some of his favorite beers include Firestone Double Barrel Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Moylan’s Ryan Sullivan Imperial Stout. A a board member of The Full Pint, LLC, Mike finds time to still report back to us every year with beer tales from Northern California.

Randy Clemens – You may not know, but Dan get’s a lot of his beers at Whole Foods Market. They keep it fresh and let you pluck singles. Whole Foods Pasadena Arroyo had a young lad named Randy Clemens. Randy was polite, helpful, loved talking beer and became a great friend of ours.  We smelled big things for this Le Cordon Bleu graduate, and we were right. After we shot Randy’s career to the moon by sending him to The Great American Beer Festival in 2010, he soon after published The Sriacha Cookbook, got himself a job at Stone Brewing Co., were he co-authored a book with Greg Koch and Steve Wagner.

Arne Frantzell – The guy who makes those Tomme cartoons.  Arne Frantzell was publishing his craft beer lampooning Trouble Brewing series over at The Hop Press.  I asked him if he’d be interested in working with us partially, and from there we decided The Full Pint is a place Trouble Brewing can call home.

Katie Collins-Fullpint – Katie started off as a TFP Intern, and quickly moved up the ranks as not only our north west correspondent  , but took on the task of covering and writing about craft beer nation wide. You never know where Katie will be next, but she’ll be sure to share with you her unique experience.

Evan – Dan’s long time school pal from NJ, Evan got into beer and subsequently craft beer together.  Evan is a do it your-selfer in all facets of life, and naturally gravitated towards home brewing. He is now the president of New Jersey’s Barely Legal Homebrewing Club, and spends time brewing on his all grain system.

Don aka Cohiba Don – Don (hailing from Maryland) is a man who enjoys the finer things in life. When we met Don, he was into big cigars,whiskey, and big red wines. Don has taken us on a  journey through the eyes of someone who is expanding his horizons into the craft beer world from the very different world of wine and whiskey.

Richard – Richard (Hailing from Chicago) Is your man for craft beer info and perspective from the Chicago Metropolitan area. With all of the new breweries starting up, as well as the well established spots, Richard has plenty to share with you from the windy city and surrounding areas.