Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2009 Has Arrived

Stone Brewing -Old Guardian 2009Barleywine fans, hop heads (Am I allowed to use that phrase still??), big beer fans, and cellarman can rejoice.

Stone Brewing Co. has shipped the 2009 vintage of Old Guardian Barley Wine to places where finer beers are sold.  This is a hefty beer with copious amounts of barley, and boat loads of bittering and aroma hops.  If you decide to enjoy this fresh, you will find this beer to be over the top in every way, and will be the only beer your mouth will taste during your beer session.  If you find you like it a bit more mellow, store this bad boy at 55 degrees or below for a year or more.

Like-a-fine-a-wine, this beer gets better with age.

Follow this link to read Stone Brewing Co.’s Blog post, along with CEO Greg Koch’s YouTube Clip,where he is creating the label for 2009.

Stop by later at, to find out where this massive beer is being distributed.’s Review on Old Guardian Barley Wine – 2008 (Dan)’s Review on Old Guardian Barley Wine -2008 (Don)

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