Jester King Viking Metal

Jester King - Viking MetalFrom Jester King – Viking Metal is our rendition of an ancient Swedish farmhouse ale called Gotlandsdricka, which we aged in Old Tom gin barrels for several months with wild yeast and souring bacteria. Gotlandsdricka was brewed with birchwood smoked malt (smoked in house), juniper and Myrica gale. After primary fermentation with farmhouse yeast, we racked the beer to oak barrels previously containing Old Tom gin and inoculated it with mature barrel aged beer, containing wild yeast and souring bacteria. After seven months of oak fermentation and maturation, we blended the barrels and naturally conditioned the beer for an additional six weeks prior to release.

Jester King Craft Brewery – Jester King Viking Metal – 750 ml. bottle poured into a goblet. 7.4% abv.

Appearance:  Pours a dull cloudy gold.

Aroma: Vinyl, juniper, liquid medicine, banana.

Taste:  Smoke , juniper, cactus cooler, euro hops. Brett. Mild oak, well hidden alcohol. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has a sour finish, it’s definitely tart.

Mouthfeel:  Chalky, full bodied. Modest carbonation.

Overall: A very fun, unique beer to try. If given the chance, I would have had a few more glasses of it. So much going on, I’d need a few rounds with this beer to let it all sink in.

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