New Brew Thursday : Hopocalypse : Drakes Brewing Co

It’s the Hopocalypse! We’re drinking two amazing IPA’s from Drake’s Brewing Co, the Green label double IPA and the Black label triple IPA. Which Stephen immediately declares being as good or better then the Pliny equivalents.

Drake's Hopocolypse

In the kitchen, Dr Bill brings Stephen in for a Master Pairings of Oysters on the half shell with O’Hara Dry Irish Stout. Stephen is afraid of the Oysters, and the fish mongers … and swears never to eat them again, regardless of how awesome the pairing was.

John gets to drink a new beer ( Black Label Hopocalypse ) as well as a new hop, Zythos .. so he is very excited. Matt is excused while we have a Pliny the Younger comparison discussion.

In the end we all agree that you need to get your hands on some Drake’s!

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  1. afrokaze says

    Awesome episode, I live pretty close to Drake’s so it’s cool to see local beer get some recognition. FWIW I also thought Black Label was better than Younger this year. Their 1500 Pale Ale is one of the best drinkable beers around too.

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